Maschine Pro Cloud

Rico010 Member Posts: 80 Helper

Does it kake sense for NI building a cloud service (eg Maschine Pro) which will save all of favorites db from Maschine app and Maschine Plus, and let you download it once you sync it?

It could be handy in cases when you fresh install or change sd card.

Does this make sense at all?


  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 884 Guru

    Yes. Elegant solution to a very annoying problem.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,455 Expert

    IMHO, export of db to disc/flash/.. and import/join from it would do. There are many clouds and for example I do not use them at all. And many people do not connect their PC to internet, or they do very rarely...

    Generally would be good to be able to "synchronize" things between various HWs.

  • awol9000
    awol9000 Member Posts: 64 Advisor

    I like that idea.

  • Schmapps1
    Schmapps1 Member Posts: 105 Advisor

    Well that recent survey ‘tell us what you think about maschine’ included some questions about cloud sync I believe didn’t it? So maybe it’s coming..?

    Personally, that survey has me kind of excited and hoping against hope that NI is finally going to buckle down and give us some serious software improvements in the near future.

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