Request for triggered oscillators

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Today's synthesizers don't produce unique under/over tones that do not happen on a one shot basis.

With todays processors expanding the number of CPUs, oscillators can be used in a lot of different ways and should be plentiful in VSTs.

Can the ability to trigger an oscillator based on one or more offsets in a wave table or a generated wave in a predefined oscillator be added to Massive X or another product?

It may also be possible to trigger on some section of a wave however that would be more difficult and it seems like an offset approach could be efficient and doable.

The dependent oscillator would allow its sound to be mixed with the triggered oscillator. It may seem like we have so many tools in VSTs today that this isn't really needed. However I think it's something that will happen and provide more complex and unique sounds.

Developers what do you think?


  • chk071
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    If I get you right, you're talking about granular synthesis.

    Why not just ask the developers to add granular synthesis to the synth? What you're talking about has nothing to do with actual wavetable synthesis, which Massive X does.

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