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Trond Hindenes
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I'm in love with how Massive X sounds, but finding myself a bit frustrated by the user interface. I'm a big fan of Arturia Pigments and especially how it lets you "see" all the modulations (the "Vital" synth has similar functionality).

I SO wish Massive X had something similar, it would make it so much easier to learn this fantastic-sounding synth.


  • DS99
    DS99 Member Posts: 26 Member

    I think the Massive X user interface is great, as it is quite logical and very easy to understand. For example, using macro controls for changing the envelope parameters (and more), also the movement of the wavetables are visually displayed. In addition, the colours of the modulators being mapped to any parameter within Massive X, are self-explanatory. I personally wouldn´t like a synth "gadget" where anything is moving and animated. If you´re working hours on a sound you`d need a clean user interface. Concerning learning Massive X: Most users nowadays don´t read the manual. I think the Massive X manual is really cool and anybody who wants to dive deeper into the features the synthesizer provides, should use it on a regular basis ;)

  • richiebee
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    Massive X is certainly not something I found intuitive. Reading the manual helps. Pigments, you can just jump straight in. Massive X was a mystery to me - aside from some of the old Reaktor synths, probably the most confusing one I've ever laid my hands on (except a Jupiter 8, back in the 1980's when I knew nothing about synths. LOL!) The lack of labeling really doesn't help its case, even though it looks pretty darned cool and some of the sounds out of it are awesome.

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