Original Massive expansions?

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Since there are no expansions for the original Massive, and Maschine+ does not run Massive X are there any 3rd party "expansions" for the original Maschine that I could load into the software then those presets would show up in M+?

Is this possible, has anyone done it yet, if so any recommendations?

Why does Maschine+ not support Massive X? Is it too slow?


  • Peter Harris
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    Actually there are some Massive specific expansions, at least three I think.

    Plus there are anywhere from 5 to 50 Massive presets in most of the 100+ Maschine expansions, all compatible with M+ (except one). Also assorted presets for Monarch, Prism and DrumSynth all compatible with M+ too. Also multi-sampled "instruments" are often included too. (The full description page for each expansion lists all of these.)

    Unfortunately no, Massive X is not compatible with M+ and is unlikely to ever be because it is a much more processor intensive and complex synth that the hardware can support.

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    There were several NI expansions for Massive - Massive Threat, Massive Expansion 1 and 2, Urban Arsenal 1 and 2, plus the Community drive patches and several Maschine expansions include Massive sounds

    Plus a huge amount of third party sounds - some of the best for any synth

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    Expansions | Maschine | Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    In fact, almost every Maschine Expansion has some Massive presets. I only checked three but they all had some.. They are listed on the product page.

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    Beside the fact that CPU used in M+ is not very strong and MX needs considerable power, MX also needs that CPU supports AVX instruction set and CPU in M+ does not support them, I think.

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