KK with SampleTank MIDI issue

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Mac OS 12.6.3

KK 2.8.1 with S88 mk2

SampleTank 4 Max

When loading SampleTank in Stand-Alone Mode, the KK keyboard only seems to send MIDI on MIDI Channel 1.

In SampleTank, MIDI input is set to ANY, but only receives signal / data on Channel 1, so that can't be the issue.

In KK Preferences, MIDI in and out are properly selected for S88 mk2. How & where can this be changed in KK to reflect that I want to send MIDI on 16 channels simultaneously, used to be known as MULTI MODE......?


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    In a DAW you set additional tracks and "send" the midi from one track to the Sampletank instrument track on a certain midi channel. Within KK tho, the keyboard is always just MIDI 1, you need to switch to MIDI mode and use templates to make keybeds on additional channels, just cannot use any NKS controls to control the plugin, only midi signals.


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