I updated Maschine and now all of my samples sound super choppy/don't play the full sound.

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It's not CPU, because my cpu is low when using either Maschine or Ableton; all of the samples played back are like a fraction of a second and just sound terrible; every once in a while I can get them to play normal but for the majority of the time it just sounds like poop; any tips or advice?

I also tried using an audio interface and that didn't help either. Some of the samples sound fine for some reason? But a lot of my older samples and some of the new ones I bought with the update are just not working.

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    Check your audio drivers, the sample rate and the buffer size (assuming you are using ASIO)

    If your main audio driver is working at 48kHz with a buffer size of 256, then, Ableton or Maschine, must have the same values! However, since this is usually done automatically, i suspect than you probably choose a wrong driver or you are working at a wrong sample rate.

    Example: If your samples, sounds like cartoons, then it means that they are 44,1kHz but your system are running at 48! Of course, most of pro devices can do the conversion internally, "on the fly", so... i don't know what to say...

    Advice: You describe the problem (as many other people in the forum) very "generic", and without giving any kind of information about your system, so please, write what's important! What devices are you using, what is your audio configuration, etc. etc. Then, maybe you can have a more insightful opinion and probably, a solution.

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    So I am using Mac OS Monterrey with an Intel Dual Core i7 processor, I noticed that this does not occur in the standalone Maschine app and only in the VST when connected to Ableton.

    I tried making sure the buffer size and sample rate match; I have it at a 512 buffer size and 48k sample rate; although I cannot find a way to adjust those numbers in the Maschine VST to make sure they match.

    EDIT: Okay I fixed it, I'm not sure why it works; but I guess I was using it as an AU before and I switched to VST and now it works great?

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    @startthefire AU or VST should behave the same way. Do you use custom VST plugin folders in Ableton? When you click on the NI logo in the Maschine's window when in Ableton, what version does it show? Is it the same version of the standalone and the AU version?

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    No news from you for a while. We’re closing this thread now. If you still need assistance on that topic, please get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_maschine

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