Mix Bus Signal Chain - Ideas On How To Approach It?

Aron Stokes
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I’m looking for some guidance in mix bus processing. I’ve got a mix bus chain set up as a template for all of my new sessions, this way when I am done creating music I can output all of the tracks to the mix bus and hear the volume crank, compression, saturation, etc. I was wondering if you have a mix bus chain and could lend some tips on how to approach it because I’m still learning what I need to apply there as far as what plug-ins and how much is needed to help each mix have a good start at sounding bigger. I like having this mix bus chain idea set up in my production sessions so that I can get an early listen at how the mix will sound.


  • Gee_Flat
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    My basic master out of Cubase includes a Limiter, Maximizer and Stereo Enhancer as an insert chain for listening purposes. HiTech haha.

    Not a fan of compression, especially multiband which requires too much work and really can alter the original mix. In mastering, I like to stay as true to the original mix as possible. No air-brush.

    Recordings that are over compressed have no love.

    If I could ever master a recording, or in a different era, make a pressing that sounded as good as 'Selling England By The Pound' or 'Songs in The Key of Life' I'd leave the planet because I'd have nothing left to do.

    OK, that last part isn't true. 🤐

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    I usually treat the activities of creating, mixing and mastering as separate activities. I try to keep only inserts that I use in making so I conserve system resources. If I want a quick rough listen to what will it sound like, I just output to wave and import into IKM lurssen. It gives me an idea of what the chain might look like and what it may sound like. Very useful tool.

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