How to Clean Komplete Kontrol Matte Black Plastic

msinclair Member Posts: 1 Member

I am extremely reluctant to buy one of these controllers because of the (IMO) terrible choice to manufacture these things in a toothy raw matte black plastic. They all look amazing but I have rarely seen one used longer than a few months that didn't look simply awful, with greasy fingerprints and caked-on dust.

Oddly enough, I cannot find any info on cleaning these units anywhere online, so I guess I must be the only one this bothers, but I simply cannot have anything this terrible looking sitting in my home.

Would REALLY appreciate any ideas. These seem like great boards, but, geez, what a terrible design choice.


  • PulseCode
    PulseCode Member Posts: 132 Helper

    for dust, I use blower, for surface, plain damp cloth water or glass cleaner. seems to work fine.

  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,683 Expert

    No need to stress, as long as you aren't a grub the finish of the plastics will tarnish no more than any other appliance you stick your digits on daily and as mentioned, a simple damp cloth will clean anything off it. It's basically a non-issue unless you really like the pristine "has never been touched, played or used" look for your Instagram profile...

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