M+ feature request: named midi ports

apeirophobe Member Posts: 14 Member
edited January 2023 in Maschine

I’m sure this applies to many midi interfaces but in my case I am using several iConectivity MioXM and MioXL interfaces in the studio, that allow you to name your midi ports that get exposed to USB hosts.

For example, i have a MioXL connected to an Akai MPC One and I see the friendly names I have given to each MIDI port. Excellent!

However, on the M+ which has another MioXL connected (and friendly names assigned to all uSB host midi ports), I see:

mioXM/mioXM MIDI 1, mioXM/mioXM MIDI 2, etc., etc.! Not excellent at all, and I have to keep a notebook to remember all the devices because I have 3 presets on the Mio, so 3x16 assignments.


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