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Hi guys, I just recently bought this new interface mkii, so im kind of curious if someone has managed to use the 3/4 inputs with instruments (guitars, synths) correctly. Since these inputs were desgined to work with balanced signals, i think it will need a DI BOX to operate correctly? But the fact is most DI boxes outputs are xlr jacks, so it would be imposible to work with 3/4 inputs in the interface. Right now my 3/4 inputs are directly conected to the intruments (1 bass / 1 synth) however theres now way to adjust the input gain on it, seem like its a fixed level, so I kind of boost the signal with plugins to reach at least -12db in my DAW. By the way, my 1/2 inputs are currently used by mics so i want to avoid switch cables everytime i want to record intruments.

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