Copy rights of Demo Songs

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Hi, this is my first post and I want to report something.

I asume that demo songs of Native Instruments that comes with Maschine, expansions, etc. are made by famous artists and has Copy Right. Well...I found by casuality an "Artist" at Bandcamp that uses those demo songs in his albums, well not uses, I mean "Copy/Paste" those demo songs. I reported to Bandcamp, but I want to report to NI too.

Very sad about this...😣


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    That's sad to hear. We've got questions every now and then from people wanting to use the chords/leads from our demo songs, but to copy/paste like that and put in on sale on bandcamp is 😞

    According to our legal, our demo content cannot be used by anyone else but NI due to legal and copyright reasons. Thanks a lot for reporting @oscaraullon

  • oscaraullon
    oscaraullon Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi, thanks for the reply @Kaiwan_NI I tell you name, links and everything you need in private.

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