Creating a Voltage Modular community NKS library

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There is no way to make a NKS template for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular as unlike other plugins that use a 'setup your own automation params' approach (such as Omnisphere), unfortunately such mappings don't persist between patches, not even for the macro 'performer' knobs which arguably should. It's a modular so obviously every patch is pretty much a completely different synth/effect, and many use dozens of modules, so a complete mapping even of one would be too unusable in terms of user pages. However it may be more realistic to focus on those 9 performer macro knobs (and 4 buttons maybe) - plus maybe also selected modules (oscs and filters at least, maybe envelopes and anything that you want hands-on control of).

I also think the only realistic prospect for getting VM made NKS given that every patch you are starting from scratch with is for this to be a community project, gradually adding one or two patches at a time, and to focus on favourite patches rather than getting all completist about it. I have started mapping some basic stuff in some of my favourite VM patches and have setup a Voltage Modular folder in the NKS User Library for people to share patches. This example patch also comes with the usual database and image files needed to get started (and a preview).

The way you create params in VM is basically VM creates page after page of blank params in KK, each with a number. They only get populated by actual params if you right click on one in VM and assign it one of the automation numbers, then you can give it a name and it appears in KK's user pages and you can give each page/section its own name. This means starting with an idea of what needs mapping in a logical order.



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