Whatever happened to the Traktor Kontrol S8?



  • Mutis
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    That’s why I expect a clear answer from NI itself, not from a random guy in the internet (like myself)…

    @Nico_NI please…

  • mykejb
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    I've not had a need for firmware updates on my S8 as it seems to be working ok and fully supported by Traktor (and VDJ of course). What would a firmware update be expected to do?

  • Phil Friel
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    Firmware updates can cover a wide range of things, such as the S8 screen mod mentioned previously by @Tellmeaboutit123 that greatly improved the working of the S8's screens. Some other updates might improve latency, working with stems and many other inner workings of the hardware. Most firmware updates are for things that you wouldn't have even thought about until the updates improved them, as they fix or improve the internal "plumbing" of the hardware. Most people would be like you, thinking that the hardware "seems to be working ok", until you get a nice surprise when some firmware update or another helps it to work even better. Think how many little incremental improvements there could've been to the S8's inner workings if NI hadn't just given up on it and instead continued to release firmware updates. Such a nice, expensive piece of hardware (two pieces of hardware, if you include the S5) receiving absolutely zero TLC from the company that made and marketed it. What an awful shame.

  • zephry
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    I doubt anyone was really buying it anymore. And sales for the S4mk3 was probably confusing with the two controllers in the same price range.

    I have both controllers and I am surprised the S8 still is working. I like it but I would never buy the same one again unless it was redesigned with Stem separation and Mixer Fx, etc. Or of course very low price. Probably no more than 400usd.

    They probably let them sell out and never manufactured any more. Smart move

    I am ready for what is next. I could care less about official statements or even support for the S8.

  • Kubrak
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    S8 works, S5 works, D2 works with Traktor Pro 3...

    Mutis just lacks NI statement, that S8 has been discontinued. If that was discontinued....

    And concerning the FW updates. Every update if not needed is risk things may go wrong and unit bricks. Also FW update may introduce bugs, issues. If something works, the best is to leave as it is. No, fw update for long time does not necesarily mean that HW has no love from developers. It may mean it has been produced well and does not need any fixes anymore.

    And that mod for S8 screen is not mod of FW, but mod of S8 configuration file for Traktor.... So, it has nothing to do with firmware.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Answer ✓

    Yes @Mutis S8 is discontinued

  • mykejb
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    Fair point if you buy something expecting updates. From my point of view though I've been buying tech for a long time, and from experience I assume that once I've hit the "buy" button on something a few things will happen. First, it'll be on sale two days after I buy it. Secondly, it'll be discontinued at some point after I've bought it. Finally, it will continue doing what it does and in the absence of any promises of updates of functionality improvements, it won't be updated. As someone else said, if it works it doesn't necessarily need fixing. I try to buy something for what it does, not what I hope it will do.

  • Mutis
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    Thanks Kaiwan. I would love a link to the official statement like the D2/S5 (or date of the decission) but almost a NI representative answering is better than keep users in limbo.

    Finally OP got the answer that him deserve from the Brand itself. Well done.

    Thanks once again.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    I have a s4 mk3 and at some point that will be discontinued. For me that’s how these things go. I have the choice to keep and keep going until my MacBook OS won’t work with it anymore or upgrade. The S8 had a very good run more so than S5 or D2. The S5 more so than S8 puzzled me as it was super portable. These things probably are decided on sales, hence why the F1 is still on NI website.

  • Kubrak
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    It is probably based on sales and/or the profit on given unit. There could be much higher margin on S8 than on S5. I have choosen S5 over S8 because of size.

  • tac0cat
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    Supreme MOD and S8 has made this controller an absolute beast. I love mine and it doesn’t feel old at all.

  • mykejb
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    The S8 now has the potential to be a great controller for stems mixing if/when NI bring that to Traktor. It has the F1 style mini-faders with the buttons/knobs above them that could be mapped to stem volume/cut with filters per stem. Doesn't need firmware updates, just mapping of the controls. At least it has full MIDI capability unlike the current flagship S4MK3

    -- Mike

  • skymakai
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    What happened to the Kontrol S5? I'm still using it. I don't see why NI doesn't officially support the S5 considering it's the best controller they ever made (IMHO).

  • Kubrak
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    I guess they support it, it works in Traktor just fine. But maybe it will not get Apple Silicon driver, if that needs one. :-( I am on Win, so no need for new driver.

  • Ben Kelly
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    I registered here just to post this comment in support of Phil's point. I bought the S8 in 2017 (ish) and took it all over town DJing. People loved the weird futuristic look, the lack of jog wheels was _so ahead of its time_. With some 3rd party mods, the thing can do great stuff.

    It was indeed touted as NI's flagship controller at the time. They really did make a whole fuss about it. We were sold a product that was worth investing our time to learn anew, only to see it be ghost-pulled before even a MK2.

    I'm not a DJ by trade, only by desire. My main job is as an executive at a tech company. I can tell you that watching NI pull their flagship silently from their store, after promising the moon, is a bad, bad, bad look. It's a sign that something in management isn't right. We are trained to spot the big problems via the small symptoms, and this is a big symptom.

    I intend to keep using my S8, and/or buy another one second-hand. The device is really great, and despite being hung out to dry on it by NI, I think there is enough community support ( like the mods ) to make the S8 a useful PERSONAL flagship for years to come. Sad that NI chose to ghost-pull the controller, and I'm not really sure I care about using NI software anymore after this. S8 was the reason I stuck with Traktor instead of going with something mainstream like Pioneer.

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