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Hi all,

I'm about to replace my 2012 MBP with a 2018 (intel) one, but the usb A ports are replaced with usb C. Is it possible to use a usb B to C cable directly. I was looking at the Chroma Audio Optimized USB-C to USB-B Cables.

I've read some concerning reports from people connecting Push 2 directly with a usb B to C cable to a recent MBP and having all kinds of issues. Better safe than sorry, in these matters



  • BitaMusic
    BitaMusic Member Posts: 4 Member

    Have been using Chroma Cables for years now, always good quality. I find it better to have direct connections without any adapters. Their new C to C cables are great and surprising cheaper than the Apple or Anker cables that I normally buy.

  • Markovicz
    Markovicz Customer Care Posts: 381 mod

    Hi @INFLUX_bass,

    we are not aware of any issues when operating our Traktor hardware with those Chroma cables.

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