Some questions about some objects

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I want to recreate some Reaktorpatches in Max and I am trying to understand the architecture behind a Krell ensemble I found in the user library

1) what does <sil> mean? Is that a constant input?

2) The Sine FM object has 3 inputs: pitch, frequency, and amplitude. What is the difference between pitch and frequency? Aren't they cancelling each other out?

Probably I will have more questions tomorrow but these are the first thongs that I need to know to get started.


  • samuel
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    Ok, so I already understand that <sil> is an inlet for data and the number 1 denominates the port. Is there a significance to which port the inlet uses?

    Then: I see a button object with a toggle function. When I click off in the interface and then return to edit mode, it still shows the button as on. Is that normal?

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    sil is silence

  • Paule
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    SloDo kreLL

    slow down mod


    add some missings

    like fade and stereo wide

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    linear in pitch and linear in frequency have an exponential/logarithmic relationship with each other. so they are controlling the same thing only scaled differently

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