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David Baker
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I sometimes want to have a parameter available on more than one page.

I wish I could have certain parameters like "Cutoff" or "DLY wet/dry" on multiple pages so I could have groups of commonly-tweaked parameters that I like to tweak and automate together without having to switch pages. Right now I can only have cutoff, for instance, on one page. If I have it assigned on a page and I assign it to another page, it disappears from the first page it was on.

Just let me have a parameter on as many pages as I want.

And to make this ability really useful, we need to be able to drag the page tabs around to re-order them. And duplicate pages also. That way you could keep the parameter assignment pages that come with a preset while also adding your own preferred assignments to the first few pages--ready to go when you load the instrument.


  • Gee_Flat
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    This post should be relegated to Page 6 😃

  • Nico_NI
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    Thanks for the suggestion David. Having full control over macro control pages would be handy.

    Komplete Kontrol will see its browser and more improved soon, so let's see!

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