Traktor 2 no more in NA2 even with legacy products activated

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After a huge flood of bug in my computer breaking everything, I had to wipe everything out and spend the night reinstalling everything

Somehow it allowed to test NA2 again even if i didn't have the relocate all option anymore (even if it would have maybe made my night)

The whole process was not seemless and being able to relocate all Expansions/instruments pointing at the shared folder would be a huge time saver.

There was few visual bugs with products I own not being there and some being installed that i didn't remember having.

The main issue is my Traktor Pro 2 was not in the list even with legacy products activated in NA2's preferences, so then trying to enter TP2 Serial I have NA2 stuck in the loop

Should i open a ticket for this ? System is hyper clean all new, still on Mojave as i can't afford to drop support on my hard earned plugins

EDIT: Oh, and also Velvet Lounge didn't show up either

Thanks for your help !

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  • Kaldosh
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    Thanks Uwe,

    After weighing again benefits and downsides to upgrade my system I went back to my full set up

    Thanks for your help !


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