Saving Graincloud Sample Map with Ensemble Preset

srs Member Posts: 21 Member

Hi - is there any way to store the sample map for a Graincloud module when saving an ensemble preset?

So that as you select different saved presets, the different samples are loaded into Graincloud's sample map?

Even with 'embed' checked, it seems that sample maps are stored as one map per ensemble file. Has anyone got a solution to this?


  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 1,328 Expert

    Install a folder just beneath your ensemble. Name it Samples, subfolders can be named different.

    Use the samples from there and save presets or snapshots.

  • srs
    srs Member Posts: 21 Member

    Thanks for this suggestion but I think I wasn't clear about the question. What I'm trying to do is to reference completely different source samples for different Grain Cloud presets (as opposed to just saving samples with the ensemble itself).

    Creating a folder and storing samples in it doesn't do the specific thing I want but the closest workaround I've found is to just have a control input for the Sample Selection on the Grain Cloud module and these are stored with the preset (this is the method used in Travelizer and Grainstates). It doesn't load different Sample Maps but I only need the preset to switch between different source samples so it works fine.

    Hope this info is useful for anyone doing this in future...

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