Reaktor - Way to randomise / change values over time - with slider and knob values easily?

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Hi, first post so excuse the noobishness.

I'm fairly new to Reaktor and know I can go into ensembles and link modulators to elements of the ensemble. But when I try to look at the ensemble a lot look like a hot mess of things all interconnected and hard to find the control. Is there another ensemble that makes this any easier. Am basically want to do the same as an LFO but without all the under the hood stuff if that makes any sense?

Emphasis on easily, I thought I could access parameters in my host which allows values to be changed over time, but it just lists everything as "undefined".

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  • colB
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    Are you working in Blocks? Primary? Core? what are you trying to achieve?

    maybe post a pic of the current state of things...

  • theaudiomonk
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    I'm that much of a noob I don't know what primary and core are. Am guessing primary is the front end and core the parts that make up the ensemble?

    Anyway, I want to have something that will allow knobs and sliders to be "played back" or to adjust their values over time. So in this first screenshot is an ensemble that I might want to have switched from left to right over 5 seconds or something like that.

    If I right click it and show in the structure I get this.

    Then opening that I get this:

    Now I know that midi data to operate that control can be recorded, ie turn by hand and it would be recorded. That's not what I'm after, I am wanting to have this control slowly and equally rise and fall, or various combinations. I've loaded ensembles that do this when they're activated, I was wondering if there was an easier way than connecting wires in ways I have no idea what would connect where.

  • colB
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    One thing that might work is to use snapshot morphing. To some degree success will depend on the particular instrument/ensemble, but assuming it uses normal Reaktor knobs, then if you save two snapshots, with the controls at different settings, you can then morph between them.

    You can do that manually, but there is also a module that allows some control. You could then use that with an LFO to automate morphing from one snapshot to another. It is a limited approach though - can't use it to apply different modulations to different controls at the same time.

    Otherwise, it will be a case of spending some time learning the basics of building... enough so that you can understand a bit of the internal structure and then modify the internals to make them do what you want.

    Or using DAW automation to control the knobs of the Reaktor ensemble...

  • Rob Gee
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    This allows you to use blocks lfos to modulate pretty much anything.

  • theaudiomonk
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    Thank you so much for your detailed response, I am going to try snapshot morphing and dig further into the DAW and hopefully I'll get a result.

    Really appreciated.

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