Stradivari Cello "virtuoso" articulation behaving erratically

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Hi, whenever I start a project using Stradivari Cello, the default Virtuoso articulation works fine. However, if I switch to another articulation for a few notes, Virtuoso then turns into Spiccato. Switching to other articulations will work just fine, but I seem to be unable to get back to Virtuoso.

Switching instrument presets doesn't help, but switching to another instrument entirely and back will work to get virtuoso back - but only until I switch to a different bowed articulation.

Is there something I have to do in order to get the virtuoso articulation to work again? I'm not sending any other control changes.

This happens even with the default keyswitches, and there's no conflicts in the keyswitch assignment or anything.

What's going on, here?



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    @fluffy What DAW are you using? Could it be that there are other Kontakt tracks in your project set to the same MIDI channel ? Can you reproduce the issue in a small project with only one Kontakt track with Stradivari Cello? Could you zip it and upload it here? If you could do a short video also that would be helpful.

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    I'm using the latest version of Logic, there are no other Kontakt tracks (I'm using the Komplete Kontrol wrapper), and I'll try to record a video (I'm not sure how a project would help since it's state of the playback engine, not of the project itself).

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    I recorded a video demonstrating what happens: - in this case the problem happens at around 1:20.

    It's inconsistent about whether it happens every time (this time I got lucky that it happened on the first recorded articulation switch) but once it happens I have to completely reload the plugin, or restart Logic, neither of which is great for my creative process, nor is it great if I'm exporting a mix and the bug happens during that process (with another chance for it every time there's an articulation switch).

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    A commenter on the video mentioned the pitch bend wheel, so I feel it's necessary to say that I didn't touch pitch bend at all during this (or any other) project; all portamento was done via the velocity trigger, not via pitch bending.

    EDIT: It looks like this keyboard does have a problem with its pitch wheel after all. Is it possible to add a "dead zone" to the pitch wheel articulation control?

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