I'm having problems passing events between main macros and external core cells.

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We had a discussion a while back and concluded that main macros within a structure are not free cpu wise. This may affect event timing as I have an event based core cell in a macro and it works fine when using a macro audio output going into a core cell in the structure. The external core cell can accept event inputs and the macro can send event outputs. However when connecting them as events, nothing happens. Any words of wisdom on this problem. I'm thinking of removing the macro all together and pasting the contents directly into the structure but thought it would make a decent discussion if others are experiencing the same issue with macros and events.


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    Can you post an example or screenshot, hard to tell what's happening from your description.

    You might be running in to trouble because you need to enable "Allow Audio Events" on the event output of your core cell, see this example:

    In this example the output port will not pass events unless the "Allow Audio Events" setting is enabled for the port, as the events originated from an audio rate source.

    From the "Reaktor 6 - Building In Core" manual:

    The additional Allow Audio Events checkbox is an advanced option for the event-mode outputs. By default, the event-mode outputs block internal Core events that are originating from an audio source (those are the events obtained directly or indirectly from audio-mode inputs of the Core Cell and from the default internal clock sources of the Core Cell). This is important in order to avoid events being sent inadvertently from the Core Cell's outputs to the Primary level at audio rate, which is quite CPU-intensive. If you enable this checkbox, the event-mode output will not block any events. This option should be used with care. For the audio-mode outputs this checkbox does not have any effect.

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    Thanks bolabo, although it wasn't the problem I was not aware of the option. I did get it working and this is the module, the lin/log module and High Keys. Notice the pitch input attached to the distribution buss labeled ck. That's the event of a midi note on. The function of this is to send out a level depending on which note or pitch of the note in this case. The pitch input was an audio event as was the ck. It worked wasted a lot of cpu. I call this live and learn. It works perfect, everything is in sync now. I hope, lol

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