How to make a backspin without jogwheel with Traktor ?



I would like to be able to make a backspin on Traktor like it is possible on Virtual DJ simply with clicking on a button in the software itself.

I use Traktor (4 decks) with 2 Traktor X1 MK2, 2 Traktor Z1 and a A&H Xone 92.

It means that I don't use any jogwheel.

Could it be possible with the touch strip of the X1 MK2 and get a good result ?

Could it be possible with a Traktor effect like i use the "Turntable FX" to make a brake ?

Thanks in advance for answers and help !


  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,767 mod

    There was dedicated "Scratch" command in Traktor Pro 1. It has been removed but if you have the access to Pro 1 then you could try exporting that command. Otherwise just use a backspin sample in a Remix Deck.

    X1 Touch Strip is not overmappable in Default mapping mode.

    TTFX is a break effect.

  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 197 Advisor

    hello my friend,

    i have read the thread, i think there is no solution found. Traktor's style is techno-heavy, so we're lagging behind some things.

    I am one of those who dream of a comprehensive controller. Apart from this issue, I really like your setup. I was very interested in you using 2 z1's, why did you need 2 z1 devices when you had xone 92?

    I have always dreamed that we can work with Z1 devices without an analog mixer. I'm looking forward to your reply :)

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