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I often have to open projects created by other composers, and all the time I'm missing samples.

In order to find the right library, I need to contact the composer who is often too busy to answer me.

for example I can't load SSP_014.nkx which appears to be a drums library (I would have thought it was Session Strings Pro) from file : NISSP TomEnsHighHitsRR1mix

Is there a repertoire, an index or anything where I could find what libraries these samples come from ?

This is only one example of so many I run through in one day...



  • JesterMgee
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    Sounds more like people need to do some proper house keeping with their projects if they are being shared with others for collab/engineering.

    Can you maybe suggest they keep a "cue sheet" or track overview list or something that details what instrument/sample is in use on each track? If not just to make your life easier also to help piece together a project in the case a whole system needs to be put back together again.

    Sounds like you are doing others legwork, in the film industry for certain if you do not have a cue sheet for your project no one will even bother with editing or anything until you hand it over. I'd be saving yourself time and placing the onus on the person sending you the files.

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