Controlling Lasers with Reaktor

marksmartus Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi all. Has anyone used Reaktor to control a laser projector? I've been experimenting with this and getting good results. The ILDA connector on most laser projectors has analog inputs for X, Y, R, G, and B. With a DC-coupled audio interface, you can just run the audio signals right out of Reaktor into the laser. I've been working on a system to do a laser display that will be in 3D if you wear red/blue 3D glasses, and I got it working over the weekend.

This is a modification of the wireframe synth I did many years ago:

I did this using a MOTU Ultralite Hybrid USB audio interface going into a LaserWorld CS-500RGB laser projector. It's too bad the video camera doesn't pick up what it really looks like.

Anyway, I am excited about exploring this new area of creativity and would like to hear from anyone else who has done it.

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