Note Blending in DAWs ?

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I'm learning how to make music and I've run into a problem. Instruments often sound rigid when going from one note to the next. Is there a DAW that allows connecting the notes together as if sliding between them (like in singing or stringed instruments)? I've tried fading down and up the volume, but that's not a fix. Neither is overlapping notes like I would on the piano. I need to actually have the DAW connect them together.


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    You could try a sequencer. It will feed your instruments with MIDI notes, and some are quite capable modulation wise.

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    There are two musical terms for joining notes - legato and portamento.

    Legato is where 2 (or more) notes are smoothly joined without re-articulating each note.

    Portamento is where one note slides or glides in pitch to the next note.

    The solution to this is probably not so much in any DAW or sequencer, but rather in the functionality of the synth or sampler you are using. For example, if your instrument allows polyphonic or monophonic modes, then the monophonic mode is more likely to produce "joined" notes. There may even be a setting for this.

    More complex instruments will offer dedicated legato or portamento settings - you just need to look at all your options.

    In any DAW, it would be essential for your 2 (or more) notes to overlap slightly in order to create such an effect.

    Hope this helps...

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