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Hello guys,

 I enjoy using remix deck. I am using the sampler mode from our two options. I find the stepssequencer mode poor in terms of mapping and key competence. I have reviewed many products from other brands and have come to the following conclusion.

 step sequencer mod is an advanced version of sampler mode and other devices use both features together. In short, why isn't there a single mapping that we can control in the step sequencer mode where we can view our samplers for the remix deck? I give an example;

 1- We see our samplers on our F1 pads. Grid view for that sampler can be opened with a single click.

 2- The sequencer sequence can be changed in the background with our rhythms by pressing the sampler with a button in the Sampler view.

 3- Person with a second f1 device can see the samplers from one and the sequencer view from the other. I'm exaggerating and there can be a sequencer view for as many sampler channels as there are f1 devices.

 4- In the one-touch sampler view, the relevant sound may turn into a keyboard with different chords.

 These features work as standard on other products. As a result, the sound is unique and the features we want are traktor pro, only a professional mapping and software compatibility if needed.

 I know Traktor pro's remix deck philosophy and perspective. It is based on traveling with variations over 4 channels. That was its original purpose but why the variations remain constant so we can change it with the live sequencer. Two different modes that remain simple do not always have to work separately.

 What do you guys think about this?

 I will continue to use the remix deck in sampler mode by visiting the sounds I have prepared before.

I apologize now for my bad english.

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