Komplete kontrol does not want to open

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I just received two days ago my KOMPLETE KONTROL s88 mk2. I downloaded the native access and was able to access the entire Komplete Start that came with the keyboard. All plug-ins are downloadable and work very well except two: Komplete kontrol and Kontakt 7.

The problem is the following, when I click on the application KOMPLETE KONTROL I get an error message saying "The application failed to start properly (0xc000007b), Click ok to close the application" . Same for Kontakt 7.

I know the problem comes from the application because it is not recognized after in ableton. I see all my plug-ins displayed but these two are not there. It's problematic because it's with the KOMPLETE KONTROL application that I can control the keyboard.

I tried to download an old version of KOMPLETE KONTROL on internet, I updated the latest microsoft framwork, I tried to open the application as administrator, I also uninstall and reinstall several times these two applications and nothing works. I feel like the problem is between these apps and my computer. Now my computer is new I just bought it 10 days ago. . .

Help me . . . . .


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