Komplete 12 to 14 fills the main Drive space, Would alternative options be with external SSDs?

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On all three of my Windows 10 PCs, the C: drive is to the limit after installing my upgrade from Komplete 12 to 14. I want to transfer as much as possible to an External, swappable 2TB SSD to save space.

 (1) After upgrading from Komplete 12 to 14, What can be a workable transfer-install to a ''swappable-external'' 2TB SSD other than ''Content'' that would allow me to swap between 3 PCs (and if creating the SSD drive letters to be the same on each PC, making a ''Application''+ Location'' VST 64 + 32bit folders for each PC on the SSD)(or one external drive for each PC) would that save the C: main drive space? Is this a working possibility, and if so, how can this be done,? Either way, Please give a detailed specific instructive response. None of the NI literature that I found, even when searching the community forum explains that ''specific'' type of scenario. 😕

Thank you in advance.🙏

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