Action Strings 2 not playing back the same thing as the Midi drag-drop sequence....

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Hi everyone! Action strings 2 sound really great but I have an issue and want to know if I am the only one and how to fix it...

I know there's more than one way to have it playback a selected phrase, ie; Write notes in the piano roll, play it and have the app record it (waiting for midi) then drag and drop the recorded midi into the daw track. Or to play the sequence on a midi keyboard, but whichever I try, when I playback the midi (drag and drop) that was recorded then, into the track, it does not playback the same thing... As if it did not keep the velocity of the notes....

I can see the velocity gradients in the piano roll in the note colours and also in the editor. I do make sure the midi track as the same channels for action strings2 and have tried to move it to other string apps and it all sounds horrible. Weather I play it back in Action Strings2 or else, it does not sound like when I play the sequence directly from the app on midi keyboard or having it playback from previously inputed notes (Long notes that trigger the sequence in the app, not the sequence itself that was recorded to midi and dragged and dropped in the piano roll).

This is a major dissapointement, I love the idea of using these amazing phrases but the completely loose their shine as soon as I drag and drop them on a track and try to play them back!! Even in the same app they originate from!!

Anyone else experience this before and might have a fix?

Thanks guys!


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    Maybe you should manually record those samples from the library.

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