(NI) (HID) controller "blank mode" possible?

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is there a possibility to take a regular NI HID Controller (e. g. Kontrol S2 MK3) and "deprogram" all the HID instructions, so that there is NOTHING HAPPENING for each and every possible trigger/switch/fader?

I want to have a "blank" controller where I can program just and only the functions that I want without an other "native" functions working.



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    that depends on the controller, i would look for mappings on DJTT website, then you see what's possible and what not. On some of those controllers you can override some knobs/faders/buttons but not all on all controllers as far as I know.

  • dj-ddt
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    Seems that (in case of F1) I will have to switch to midi mode and delete all the tsi programming. This should work ;-)

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