Smartlist conditional logic (AND /OR), which includes MATCHING KEY and ADJACENT KEY



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    @M-L>N Absolutely, I see where you vision is with a great end result. But one step at a time. 

    I think we only have a couple of upvotes required for the original post requirements and we can surely build on this after the basics are implemented.

    Almost there.

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    Notes from a TRAKTOR Product Manager:

    Thank you for this well formulated request. It looks more like an oversight, that we haven’t provided the “is adjacent” operator for the Key property operator - we’ll create a ticket for that. But the main topic of this request is the nested AND / OR concatenation. We have so far intentionally left this out, because it requires thorough UX design to make it as intuitive and universally applicable as possible. We’ll start having a look into this topic but a convincing implementation may depend on improvements in the graphical user interface.

    I'd like to know more about where this is at on the schedule.

    UX would normally include all filtering functionality as far as filters go in any other application e.g. at a basic level.

    The code behind the GUI doesn't support boolean concatenated queries in xml. If we can please have this first we can test. It's less intuitive having this filter excluded. It's not a UX issue, so I'm calling it out.

    From a code perspective, why would this standard filter be intentionally excluded?

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    Hey Community,

    Just checking in to see if there are any new members that would like to upvote this?

    I haven't seen this placed on the roadmap and waiting for a response as to see where the ticket related to “is adjacent” operator for the Key property operator is an oversight. 

    So I want to keep it live. And if you would like to help upvote then please read OP and see if this resonates with you. No matter how you key mix.

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