Duck option for Raum

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I like Raum and use it often creative directly on a Tracks in my Projects.

In 2022 and now 2023 I think a ducking option for a Reverb should be standard. Maybe not everybody make use of this but it is worth being there to simplify the workflow on one plugin and not have to work additional with a compressor and parallel processing.

Do you have it on your feature list to add a duck option in Raum?


  • Nico_NI
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    A sidechain/ducking compression would be a useful built-in addition. Not having to use a compression plugins afterward would also alleviate the CPU cost. I'll forward that to the team!

  • Heartleader
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    @Nico_NI Thanks for your feedback! Maybe you can "reuse/copy&paste" what you already have developed in Replica XT (there is a ducking function) and this would suit also to Raum :-)

    HAUNTS Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    @Heartleader + @Nico_NI I totally agree! Or a Raum XL?

    I'd shudder to think how many reverbs I've bought over the years..and continue to, yet I always come back to Raum.

    I work in film trailer and sound design, so admittedly I maybe using it less conventionally , but would love Raum to be a real utility and not just a great sounding reverb.

    I'd love to see a ducking function, with shapable curve if possible.

    A 4 band EQ / Low and High Pass filter would be great (for me the Low and High Cut never quite do enough)

    If I'm really pushing the boat out...a simple distortion!.. but I can alway add the after. :)

  • skarvika
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    I'd also love this feature. Reverbs are starting to use ducking as a selling point. I love Raum's tone, and as said, it would simplify the workflow and save CPU to have some sort of ducking in a future update. So, fingers crossed!

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