Are any of the Traktor series class compliant?

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just curious about whether any of the NI traktor units are class compliant...

it seems such a PITA to have gear become obselete becos of OS updates

This question comes as a result of updating to a M1 Mac and finding out that my dirt cheap traktor s4 mk1 no longer will work with any m1 model mac... which is a bit of a shame, ho hum

but in order to anticipate future macOS updates etc... class compliant gear seems the logical step.

any info appreciated! cheeRs



  • Mutis
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    Mk2 were updated into class compliant alongside audio6/10 interfaces.

    S2/3 mk3 were class compliant and have midi mode but I read somewhere NI set it off recently (maybe wrong data, I can’t remember the source) which will be a complete nosense but who knows…

    s4mk3 isn’t class compliant (afaik) and the reason exposed by NI was “motorized jogs” (and maybe something else I can’t remember now) but being Rane One class compliant (or almost supported by Djay Pro and I don’t think it’s mfi…) makes that argument *****.

    S8/5 and D2 aren’t class compliant. F1, Z1 and X1 aren’t neither almost for the midi side. Z2 neither.

    Z1 worked with NI iPad apps due they had mfi agreement with Apple so the driver was inside the app itself but only class compliant in the audio side

    put “brand” and “native instruments” so you can get this…

    Happy New Year…

  • 6xes
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    very helpful information, thank you!!

    S4 mk2 seems sufficient for my needs, and given the added value across ios devices, seems a logical step!

    thanks @Mutis

  • Mutis
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    Research further into your setup before buy. Maybe some info could be wrong or changed over time (like that info about mk3 being downgraded).

    Second hand NI hw is becoming cheaper but I’m not sure if call them “bargain”.

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