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hi all. happy new year.

I have an issue. I have the collecters version of komplete 14 and I noticed that the application in windows is not there anymore (I can't find it even back somewhere else).

In native access I see that the application should be installed but I see the version set on 0.0.0 which is strange.

I can't reinstall it via native access as it is mentioned as already installed.

I hope you can help me





  • MyStudioOne
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    1. I suggest that you start by uninstalling only Komplete Kontrol related apps from your OS. There are likely 3 if you are a windows user...

    Next delete Komplete.db3 using guide from link below...No harm in trying this first if you want to. It just refreshes Komplete Kontrol database. But it seems to me that something else is amiss.

    My KOMPLETE KONTROL Browser is Empty or Incomplete – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    No need to remove and reinstall any other apps.

    That will give you a clean slate to reinstall KK as if for the first time. It will be available to install in Native Access after refresh or restart. Good luck and Happy New Year.

  • hansie
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    I followed the instructions

    komplete kontrol app is not on my system. Following native access it should be there but the version number is 0.0.0

    I Searched in windows and the app is not on the disk.

  • hansie
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    it is still in native access after the actions done

  • Kubrak
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    So, what about to do reinstall using NA? It is possible to do reinstall using NA even if it is already installed, or NA things it is installed (like in your case).

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    Are you 100% sure about that?

    Right click on the start button, choose "Installed apps" or "Apps & Features", and search for "Komplete Kontrol" there.

    If it's not installed, and your problem persists, I would contact support: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/de/articles/360002705378

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