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What does '+ Groups' mean in this midi channel? It's acting like it's being triggered by a bass in the same project. If that's what Groups means can I get rid of it?




  • Jeremy_NI
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    +groups means that some groups are set to receive on a different MIDI channel than the one you choose in instrument header. Some instruments need that functionality for various reasons (i.e. per-string control in some guitar libraries, where one string = one MIDI channel).

    Since the library is not editable anymore, it's not possible to get rid of it. Are you using this instrument inside of a multi? The solution then would be to create another dedicated Kontakt track.

  • Winknotes
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    Yes I was using it inside a multi. Thank you for the clarification and solution.

  • Gee_Flat
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    To add to what Jeremy said. Quite often these groups are set to 'Omni', so they may receive instruction from any other midi channel.

    It's hard to tell from your post if you have previous experience with other versions of Kontakt, which would help you understand groups and how they work.

    In previous versions you could open these instruments in 'Edit' mode and view the groups and their midi assignments. And sometimes I wonder if it was intentional, or something overlooked by the creator.

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