Abbey Road 60s Drums - how to upgrade?

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Years ago i bought the above and used it. coming back to this now, i still find the serial number in my account with a "download via native access". I know the product does not exist anymore, but i enjoyed the sounds - so i am wondering if anyone knows if i can convert the lisence/upgrade the lisence to the replacement product?



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  • NativeAmerican
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    you should be able to install it from Native Access. If it is not found there, go to your preferences in Native Access and try to enable legacy products. There is a way to do it. I just read about it a few days ago. I am not sure if you get the original or the updated version, my assumption is that whatever program you install for the first time, should give you the current version, I am not positive about that though. The drum module should be installable from the Native Access program though, especially if they told you it could be found there.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @fmantek Here are the files for the old library: Abbey Road 60s Drums Once downloaded you just need to locate it in Native Access. If you wish to have the product updated to Abbey Rod 60s Drummer, you can get in touch with our registration support here:

  • Caleb carter
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    Thanks very much jeremy!

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