problems with recording mixes in Traktor pro 3 (

This is a recent thing as I have been recording mixes for years using Traktor Pro 2 with no issues. I have found with the last two updates in Pro 3 that on playing back the mixes after importing into iTunes that there are jumps in points of the mix and not playing properly.

Its not a iTunes problem as far as I can establish. The recording during the mix sounds fine through the headphones, but some issue is causing it not to record properly.

Running Traktor pro 3 on a late 2012 macmini, memory card 16GB. Using Kontrol 2 mk2 controller.

Going to try the same playlist on Pro 2 and see if the issue occurs on that version

Anyone else experience the same/similar problem



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    Further to my original post

    Yesterday I recorded a mix with an earlier Traktor Pro 3 version - resulting in the same issues. At certain points in the mix the sound (is stuck, repeating for a few second then continues as it should.) later on it jumps forward (not any deliberate action in the mixing)

    Not sure if its sound/latency settings (buffer currently between 320 and 512 @ 44100hz)

    I have used Keylock with multicore settings and without - no difference

    I have tried my previous setup of Traktor Pro 2 and Vestax VCI 100/Audio 2 DJ soundcard - which works fine on recording mixes.

    If I can't resolve this - I will kick the Pro 3 and the Kontrol 2 mk2 out of my set up!

    Makes me wonder if it was worth the upgrading in the first place. (I liked the features in Traktor Pro 3

    and using an NI controller was easier to use straight out the box) when it worked!

    Well Naffed off .


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    I don't mean to sound blunt, but get a new computer. And only use Traktor Pro 3.

    I'd like to help you more but a 2012 MacMini is old, what MacOS are you running?

    If you do want to stick with your 2012 MacMini then wipe it clean and see if you can upgrade using Dortania Open Core Legacy Patcher which should allow you to use the latest MacOS.

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