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Hey guys,

I am a DJ and I entered a competition for a computer game where I had to create an original song. At the end of the song, I scratched some vinyl and one of the samples is the well-known "Ah yeah" by RUN D.M.C. The rules of the contest say: "Don't copy lyrics or lines from other songs and works of fiction etc. verbatim. Your track must be an original piece!

Is using small samples like "Ah yeah" or "check this out" for example considered copying a line even if it's taken from a vinyl with scratch samples?


  • Lybimchik Pashka
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    It all depends on the rules of the contest. And in general, you can use samples for your track that you bought from the copyright holder with the appropriate license.

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    You can record your voice with Ah yeah or check this out and add some effects.

    There is no copyright to the words of Ah yeah or check this out by using your own voice.

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