FM8 64-bit now plays the first note in the arpeggiator !!! Finally after nearly 9 years !!!

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For a bit of perspective, below is the link to a thread that I started nearly 9 years ago and the discussion ran into more than 3 pages up to nearly more than 6 years till late 2020 😀

So, NI did not give up on updating FM8 !! Really happy as FM8 has been and is one of my favorite synths. FM8 version 1.4.6 comes in after years...

NI has brought in a VST3 version of FM8 and they have finally... finally... sorted out the missing first note bug on the arpeggiator in the 64-bit version when key-sync is enabled.

Thanks NI and the FM8 team for NOT giving up 👍️

@EvilDragon @Paule You folks remember this, don't you ?


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