tempo sync delays with long times?

D. Vyd
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Hi everyone, are there any tempo sync delays (blocks or not) with times longer than Rounds (16/16 or 2.5s) for creating layered rhythms? Any that will "freeze" and loop forever the sound in the delay, ignoring new input until "unfrozen"?

-d. vyd


  • D. Vyd
    D. Vyd Member Posts: 16 Member

    Rounds is actually more flexible than I thought. I'm really enjoying it. I still welcome suggestions for other delays to try.

  • Paule
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    You can use a clock divider for longer times in a delay.

    This is a part of Midi Remote Control but it's no delay.


    In the Factory Library is Grain States FX. Do you test it? There are 2 freeze modes audio and midi.

  • D. Vyd
    D. Vyd Member Posts: 16 Member

    I have not tried grain states FX. I will. Thank you!

  • Rob Gee
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    Diffusion, Delay Stereo, Delay Stereo Alt, Dual Delay & ZDF Diffusion in my blocks pack all have syncable delay times. Dual Delay also has freeze.


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