Website won't let me cancel Traktor Pro Plus trial subscription

Sean Member Posts: 9 Member

If you're considering cancelling your Traktor Pro Plus trial you might want to do it soon as N.I's website currently isn't allowing cancellations without contacting support 🤦 surely an innocent bug?


  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 476 Guru
    edited December 2022

    I ran into the same issue this morning.

    Initially I reported it via a ticket, but then found a way to cancel.

    Rather than doing it as above, if you click on your account icon 👤 (top right of site), you can select 'subscription' at the bottom and cancel from there.

  • Sean
    Sean Member Posts: 9 Member

    That's actually the method I was trying, maybe I should try the other method that didn't work for you? Could you walk me through it as I can't seem to find any other way to cancel it.

  • Scratch-E Con
    Scratch-E Con Member Posts: 80 Advisor

    I unsubscribed via Native Access.

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 476 Guru

    @Sean what web browser were you using? Initially I used Firefox as it's my default, but when I ran into the issue, I tried again using Chrome, so maybe it was the combo of Chrome and going via the account page?

    I wasn't using a phone either. Windows 11 PC.

  • Sean
    Sean Member Posts: 9 Member

    I've tried Chrome mobile and desktop and Firefox with no luck, but thanks to @Scratch-E Con I cancelled via Native Access.

    Open Native Access...

    Click "Subscriptions" in left sidebar....

    Click "Manage" in top right. There might be a dialog showing over the top of this button that mentions updating, close this to find the button....

    Click on "Traktor Pro Plus Beta - $7.49"...

    Click "Cancel Subscription"

    Just going to add some keyword here for other people facing this issue trying to find a solution via Google:

    "There has been an error while trying to cancel your subscription", "Please try again, is this issue persists contact customer support" Error cancelling Traktor Pro Plus subscription.

  • Alientek
    Alientek Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I just experienced the error using Chrome, but then clicked the Manage My Subscriptions button & completed it in the pop up window. Worked fine that way.

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 476 Guru

    The key here seems to be "Don't Give Up" 😖

    If one method doesn't work, try another.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,306 admin

    Hi @Sean sorry for the issue on our website. Confirming that our support team has canceled the subscription for you now.

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