"Normalize" all instruments in Komplete Kontrol

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Suggestion: Could you normalize all instruments so that they have approximately the same volume when you pre-hear them in Komplete Kontrol and when you load them? Sometimes it's crazy loading instruments that have a totally different gain.

I therefore would like you to either bring all of the instruments in all of the VSTis to the same loudness level or to add a second gain controller within Komplete Kontrol that gets adjusted once a instrument loads so that the instrument gets turned louder or quieter there but will always accomplish the same loudness level as the other instruments.

I also would like you to optimize all of the Ogg files that have the pre-hear samples. It was good if they all would become normalized to one loudness level too so that not all of the played sound for pre-hearing have a different loudness level / gain.


  • JesterMgee
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    Are you talking NI based instruments, 3rd party?

    What instruments are louder than others?

    There will sometimes be a difference because of the varying types of content (such as a hard lead vs a swelling ambient sound) and the fact that between NI and other developers/users there are varying ways that volume normalisation will work.

  • Kubrak
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    I also experienced big difference in loudeness of prehear or even patches. And I speak about patches within one instrument. The last time I experienced it was Ashlight patches. Some were way, way louder than most of the rest patches.

    It was unpleasant and I had to turn the volume down for that patch and up again when trying next patch. And also the sound volume went to red (clipping), so the volume would have to be adjusted for that individual patch even if the sound level did not tear ones ears.

  • JesterMgee
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    Seems strange that it will be so different in the same instrument, when I create previews for my NKS previews I normalise to -3db, trim to 6 seconds max, dither then fade out the end if it hasn't faded. I use Wavelab to batch process the samples so they should all have the same approximate loudness.

    I would expect other devs to do the same but possibly not. I find some devs really don't put much care at all in the NKS, it's something just tacked on and not really done with much care or consideration because they personally don't use it so don't seem to understand the importance. Guess I never notice it because I use mostly only NI libraries or the ones I make myself which I can easily update if needed but have not had feedback to ever need to.

  • Kubrak
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    I think that for majority of patches it is OK (speaking about instruments distributed by NI), just few seem to be off. But some are way off. Probably kind of mistake....

    Similar with Expansions, some items seem to be too loud or too quiet comparing to the rest...

  • Nico_NI
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    I did noticed a few major level differences in some presets with granulart sampling stuff like Ashlight. But it seems fair to expect such differences considering the wide sonic range of the instrument.

    Haven't noticed striking differences on other synths though.

  • Kubrak
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    I did try Ashlight (all presets) again and prehear was OK. Some percusive presets maybe a bit louder, but that is expectable.

    So, maybe it was volume inbalance in loaded presets. Not sure. Or my memory has tricked me and it was not Ashlight, but different plugin/library.

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