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Theo van de Ven
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My master keyboard : a Yamaha motif xs8 has broken down after 15 years.

As a replacement I am thinking of a Kontrol 88 mk3. A beautiful device,

although I am wary of that Fatar keybed with the well-known mechanical noises.

Is it known whether there will be a successor for the Kontrol 88mk3 soon?

I would of course find it terrible if a few weeks after purchasing the old model,

a model with a good keybed would be released.



  • JesterMgee
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    The all too common dilemma we have, buy now or wait an undetermined amount of time in case a new model comes out.

    Just FYI, no need to wrap a question in a code block, it just makes it a little harder to read :)

    There has been no hint that a new model is close to release, in fact there has almost been the opposite of that where it shouldn't be expected in the next 6 months at least. Could be years before a new version is ever released, if one is even in development at all.

    My wild guess is that IF anything new is on the horizon it will likely be an S88+ keyboard that will take the Maschine+ and cram it in a keyboard. Makes sense to have a standalone version of an S61 with audio, on-board instruments ALA Akai MPK 61. Possibly the same for the S88 but i'd shudder to imagine the cost of these.

    That is my buess but before any of that will happen, we need to wait for all the current playfield to settle again with macOS updates, VST3 ability just added and all the various issues around all of this, not to mention updates that are needed to a lot of other things.

  • Kubrak
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    Side note, current is S88 MK2, not MK3....

    I agree with Jester, that it seems new keyboard does not seem to come any time soon. I have MK1 and pretty satisfied, no need for MK2. But I have also Maschine.

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