Issues: Dependency installation process is taking longer than normal



  • kds
    kds Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thanks, havent checked it out yet but continued my tries meanwhile. Issue solved, for installation of NI Access i had to switch off my Windows Firewall and my Windows Defender Realtime Scan temporarily. Not sure if switching off Firewall was even necessary. After that NI Access immediately installed correctly and i was able to download Traktor Pro 3. Then Traktor Pro 3 didnt start, so i checked my Defender again and had to set an exception for Traktor and also changed the Recording path to other Harddrive. Now all runs smooth.

    Thank you for your patience, i was a bit frustrated after the first few failed attempts.

  • mskramer
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    Yes indeed, I am now facing the same issue. I will be sending information to technical support as soon as I can get a screen shot.

    FWIW, despite following the clear instructions NI provided, to install NTKDaemonService, WIN 7 on my system, it could not start the service on "Local Computer". The

    NTKDaemonService was definitely now listed among my boot services, but returned on trying to start the service: error 2 " The system cannot find the specified." I gave just about every Service Logon privileges with gptedit.msc followed by NI specific directions.

    I understand they have been working on this problem for weeks.

    I will add that this impacts their 3rd party library vendors such as ProjectSAM, of which I am a huge fan.

    Best, Mark

  • Psyearth5
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    I was updating Windows 10 and Access had couple of updates with Products updates until 3.5 version and new 3.7 came . I am busy and I want to save money for Maschine plus so my NI products are working and I am too working hard to get bigger payments so I can finally get M+ , but I wanted to upgrade and there was good "buy two for the price of one" Play Series offer but I already have some plugins that I cannot use, cannot download because of NI Access and without Kontakt 7 Player I can't do anything and I can't even start to download but OK , it is happening and I am happy with NI and eventually I will buy Maschine plus and made new Start but as I read more I see many complainings so won't make pressure on Technical Team and I see this was happening much earlier than it happened with mine and I didn't lose anything so I countinue with Production and I am trying to save more money from my income and to finally start with Live Acts . I wish you all the best .

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