I got a new computer. I'm going from Windows 7(Old computer) to Windows 11(New Computer)..

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I finally got a new computer and I'm finally moving away from Windows 7 to Windows 11. lol My question is... what are some things I should make sure to do before I start moving everything over to the new computer?

What are some things I should do to make sure that when I open a Maschine project that was made on my old computer all the sounds, vsti's, effect plugins ect all load up correctly on my new computer?

What's the smartest way to transfer Maschine projects to a new computer?


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    Well doesn't just apply to Maschine but any production environment, the best way to have the least amount of hassles is to prepare, document and backup everything on a regular basis.

    Prepare: Make sure to get new drives and if possible, maintain your old machine for reference because there will be issues you need to switch back to resolve.

    If you don't already have a backup of all software/plugins you use I would suggest starting a backup drive not just so you can keep archived versions of the software you use (handy if you need to ever roll back) but also have handy all the logins and licenses for everything you need since in many cases you need to re-register things again.

    Research all the software, plugins and hardware you have to make sure there are drivers available, sometimes hardware can become discontinued and will not install.

    Document: Start taking note of everything you use and all software you need. An easy way to do this is open the Windows Add/Remove programs panel and note down all the stuff you have installed that you will likely need. Download the latest versions, back them up and then get your registration details together.

    Backup: Cannot be mentioned enough times but make some backups of everything as you go and always copy your stuff over leaving it on the old system if possible too so in the case you just cannot open a project you still can on the old system.

    I have done this migration dozens of times and just migrated from an old Win10 machine to Win11 and even after a month I am still installing things and slowly testing and setting things up, can take a while depending what you have installed so be prepared to have patience.... And again, make some backups!

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