Is it possible to make one group of several groups?

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Good day

So for some specific technical reasons i have my kick on group A, snare on group B and hi hat on group C. Is it possible to group A, B, C let's say to a new group called "Drums"?

Many thanks for the help ☺️


  • darkwaves
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    You may want to describe your end goal.

    You can't make a maschine "group" unless you move/copy/duplicate the sounds to a new group. You can, however, route the audio output of groups A-C to group D (or even a pad in group D).

    I generally have group A as my 'mix bus'. Each pad is dedicated to different instruments. Pad 1 is where I route all kicks. Pad 2 is where I route all snares. All the drums in group A route up to pad 15. That's my drum bus. So if I want to lower the volume of all drums; I lower the volume of A15. If I want to route all drums to some other location (or into a DAW), I just route A15. It's not a "group" in the sense that maschine uses the term; but I'm grouping those sounds.

  • AlphaCentori
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    Ok awesome, i'll try that!

    Many thanks

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