Reset the step sequencer to the first beat/step on S8

Hello i finally got my hands on a S8. And i love it. Especially using the step sequencer on pro 3. But how do i reset the sequence to start from the first step again? To the first beat. While iam jamming along this would be good to know. so i dont have to stop exatly at the first step and then start the sequence again, so it will sync to the music iam playing. Been googeling this for days. Thanks


  • Stevan
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    Hello, I did a quick mapping on my D2 to show you the settings you need to make inside Controller Manager.

    Add In --> Deck Common --> Seek Position

    Type = Button

    Mode = Direct

    Value = 0

    This works with all three Deck Flavors (Track-Stem-Remix). You could also use a beatjump value 1/4 to jump one step in the sequence.

  • Kongnubbe
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    Thanks for the answer. If iam not mistaking you cant remap the S8 which is a huuuuge pain... but the beatjump is a very good idea to try out. Why the step sequncer doesnt have a SHIFT+STOP function to reset the sequencer if beyond me. Thanks again for the answer

  • Stevan
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    You can definitely overmap the S8 now. NI added that feature a while back (same applies to D2).

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