Maschine mk3 audio interface question

Mark Oxley
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Hi guys,

I currently have a Maschine mk3, Maschine Jam, KK S61 MK2 keyboard and an Ableton Push 2. I’m using the audio interface built into the mk3 for audio out to my speakers (Kali Audio LP 6). I’m thinking of purchasing a Roland Juno X but unsure of what’s needed to have it permanently connected to an audio out to the speakers along with my current hardware. What would be the easiest way to go about this please? Do I need extra equipment and if so what?


  • D-One
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    Technically you dont need anything extra, you can connect the Juno Out's to the MK3's Input but you will always need software (Maschine or Ableton) to hear what you play on the Juno - Software monitoring will be bound to whatever latency you have at your working sample rate.

    A bit odd to have all that expensive gear and not have at least a low-end 150$ dedicated audio interface; how do you control the volume to your speakers? Do you constantly use the tiny knob on the back of the MK3?

    That's what I would buy in your shoes, a proper audio interface with direct monitoring, easy-to-reach volume control, 2 inputs or maybe 4 if you plan to buy more synths in the future.

  • Mark Oxley
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    Many thanks. I’ve been happy with using just the mk 3’s interface up to now without any problems and never had issues with latency using software synths. Once the volume is set I rarely have need to alter it and besides most of my monitoring is done through headphones. I was actually thinking that the solution would be a dedicated audio interface but wasn’t sure it that was all I needed. Off now to find one.

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