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Brad LeClair
Brad LeClair Member Posts: 4 Member

The pioneer EFX-500 had an amazing delay and it would be great to have these features.

1) stepped increment delay:

1/1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/16 this is better than the knob so you can pick exactly which delay length you want. Currently in the knob you’re guessing what the right interval is.

2) filtered delay so to all High-pass, mid-pass or low-pass.

the combination of the 3/4 delay with the high pass filter is a timeless sound but hard if not impossible to replicate in Traktor.

this feature request is to add it to the main effects section and to Mixer FX so the delay grows and the filter sweeps as you turn the dial.

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  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 245 Guru

    Delay lengths are very easy to select already IMO.

  • Dius Lucrii
    Dius Lucrii Member Posts: 18 Member

    Something i dont get wy the echo and delay have to be so complex in traktor pls just have a echo and delay like they are and its done ,wy we need put it in single and mix all parameters ,lpersonaly traktor best dj software but on effects we only need 10 effects but good ones i never like traktor effects.

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