Do IC Sends auto filter duplicates?

Title is the question... here is the situation.

I've got a button set to trigger mode sending out a value of 1 everytime it is pressed, I have this one trigger set to trigger events in multiple locations, there were a lot of wires going all over the place, so I cleaned them up by using some IC sends.

Now the trigger doesn't activate the desired actions.

I set up an ACEW event watcher to check and the IC sends will not output the 1 trigger message when it is pressed repeatedly, it seems to need a zero (or another value) in between the 1's of the 1's just don't pass through.

I checked the manual and it doesn't say anything about IC sends having a duplicate filtering process internally so I was thinking that this might be a bug.

Has anyone had any issue's with this?



  • Studiowaves
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    It's not likely there is a duplicate filter built in the IC send module. I assume your button is set from 0 to 1, I suspect the trigger mode has nothing to do with an event not being sent on release. But maybe it does not send an event when you stop pressing the button. Can you see what happens when the button mode is changed to toggle mode. Also make sure the range of the IC modules are set the same. Max is 1 min is 0. If I remember they can scale the output levels to some sort of ratio between the send and receive if they don't match.

  • bolabo
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    Do IC Sends auto filter duplicates?

    Yes :(

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 412 Advisor

    That's stupid, they should be event triggered but not a duplicate filter. That would cause problems with push buttons. Maybe you enable a duplicate filter in the properties or something.

  • Michael O'Hagan
    Michael O'Hagan Member Posts: 88 Helper

    Yeah, I just double checked, self duplicate filtering for sure, can't use them with a standard trigger button.

    Nothing in the properties at all.

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 412 Advisor

    Well Michael, you might have to change your button to another mode. Like press and release, where press is 1 and release is 0. If they put a dup filter there, it was an attempt to suppress excessive events like if it were connected to an A to E converter. Kind of silly to assume that's going to always be the case. It sounds like the button generates a gate event and triggers some action. You should be able to pull it off, maybe use the event merge following the IC receive. It works like a normal merge without values. Not sure what you got going there. Can you post the IC receive and the connections after it.

    This is the event merge, it might act like the button when used as a gate. Any value is discarded and a clock is sent out.

  • ANDREW221231
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    yup, can confirm. nothing is going through an IC send unless it is different form the last event. probably a cpu cost measure have had a few picnics rained on over this, think you're building something easy on the eyes, then its right back to wires from the beginning 😆

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 412 Advisor

    So they are acting like duplicate filters. It's suppressing unnecessary events which just happen to be necessary events. lol No big loss, put a flip flop in front of the IC send It'll toss out an event with each incoming event from the button. The value will flip from 0 to 1 but who cares about values anyway in this case.

  • Paule
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    I use it in Sharl with a logic NOT

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